Thursday, May 1, 2008

Grace in Dynamic Action!

Imagine walking around with a tumor the size of a golf ball. This tumor sits on your most tender nerves and every moment of your life is filled with that pain. You go from place to place looking for a cure, any relief but nothing seems to make a difference. Eventually, you start living with that pain and it becomes part of you. You wonder wistfully: can I ever go back to my former self? Will I ever be able to experience that freedom, that immense joy and happiness?

Then a magical moment arises. You surrender that pain. You give up the tears, the hopelessness and the ache in your heart. And you witness the biggest miracle ever... the tumor melts into nothingness. It can hardly withstand the power of Grace and before you realize it, you are free. Freer than you have ever imagined you could be. Such happiness, such joy and such a feeling of gratitude - is there anything that Guruji Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's grace cannot manifest?

Countless participants on the Art of Living DSN program experienced Guruji's presence on the course. They felt His divine love encompassing them, they felt years of pain melting away within seconds, they experienced their own self.

Anandji is a very special teacher and spending even a few moments with him is a learning experience in itself. By the end of the course, he had gained about 150 new fans! On the last day, the energy was so incredibly high that no one wanted to leave the room. There were participants who had a good 9-hr drive ahead of them and even they lingered on.

Art of Living Atlanta is now rocking with the energy of the DSN participants - watch this space!

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