Tuesday, April 29, 2008


All I can say is that it was grace, grace, grace.....and grace during the DSN course.

Self effort is like Diwali rocket, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's grace is like the real rocket that can lift one away from the pull of this world.

Jai Guru Dev!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Video from last day of the course

I have never seen a course that ended on such a high note... Phew!

Infinite gratitude to Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for EVERYTHING!

Take a look -

Jai Guru Dev!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

D S N – Dont Say No, Do Something Now

D S N – Don't Say No, Do Something Now

If you felt that there is more to live in life,
Yet you did not do what you wanted to do;
If you felt that you wish you could move mountains,
But you could not go beyond yourself at times;

If you wished you were cruising Life freely like a bird,
And be the best at your family and work;
If you could have the best of the best,
But struggling with what you have and with what you don't;

If you wish that you roared like a lion,
But you realize you lived it like a deer;
If you are to see that you can really have it all,
But one after another, it didn't really come to you;

What is that you need to awaken in you?
What is that your roar would awaken everyone around you?
What is that, that will make you get all in one at once!
That is Anandji and D S N!!!


- Naveen Koneru

Friday, April 25, 2008

More mindblowing experiences!

"DSN- DAR SHOADO NA! & COME GET the JHAKAAS experience!!! Anandji is not a teacher!! He is a friend who will give you no choice but love him!! & His love for His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will make you want to experience everything he has! DEVOTION for you master opens up your path to the DIVINE!!!"

"At the very end when someone touched my feet, I felt an immensely divine connection through blessing the person. This has made me realize that my “EGO” was coming in between me and success. Today I am a HUMBLE person. I will do my work to be worthy of this life."

"Before coming to the course, I thought of myself as a confident individual. However, this was not concrete in my mind, since life has presented very few situations that challenged my confidence. Coming out of this course, I am 100% sure that my confidence is truly unshakable. Come whatever may, I am going to do it."

"The DSN course was and will continue to be such a liberating experience. It will break any misconception you have, false ideas. The ego and show you power of divinity, love, correctiveness, unity and bliss. No problem is big enough not to be reach by DSN! Anandji ROCKS!!! Jaigurudev Love you GMAN! (This is for His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar)"

"Every thing was JHAKAAS! But I found preferred joy in surrender. I told Guruji to show me a sign and within minutes he did. So all I have to do is surrender and the Divine will organize itself to manifest it."

"I did my first course in 2003 at IIT Kanpur. I hated it and doubted the integrity of the organization. My girl friend brought me back into Art Of Living in 2008, I came with a label that its just another hypocrite experience. I was wrong and I take a pledge next 2 months a new Art of Living centre in London. It’s a pledge , I believe in it and I will do it."

"My experience was mind blowing. I can out of my comfort zone. I can do anything.
Before DSN:I was thinking about organizing Art of Living Part I course.
After DSN:I AM organizing Art of Living Part 1 course."

"Power of surrender is amazing, is medicative meditation all in itself. Undying smile and the hands of the HIS HOLINESS SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR JI is all that’s needed to make this world a better place & seva. Guruji is doing his part and I have to do mine."

"I cannot believe how much is changed
So free
So light
So motivated
So loved
So blessed
So happy

"It has broken so many things inside and outside me and yet I am feeling liberated."

"Surrendering- my favourite Christian song is on a CD by Cece Winan 'Unto Jesus, I surrender all'. I love it so much, I played it at my wedding. I now really know what surrender means. I experience it in DSN."

DSN - a wheel of rebirth

Have you ever experienced an alternate trance by intoxicating aura of a drawing card, have you ever been baffled by a single act or a vision of one human being who is not a magician, physiologist, or a hypnotist. Sounds just another envisioned image or a beguiling tale – right but this is a man’s wit. I was ruthlessly enamored and I am beamed that destiny chose me to be the one. Exuberance is in his name, Anand – a state of elated bliss.

Yes I am talking about the man behind the renaissance of the wave of energy in me, which gave me a new life, a new personality, and a new set of values – none of it imposed but something I bracket together. How many of us do the following:

· Keep on thinking – why it happened?
· Keep the grudges till we die – we hate each other for no reason
· Try to find intentions behind actions
· Think that we are not capable of doing something we dream of

And the list goes on. I know the bell is ringing in everyone head, but trust me my friend – we all have lost the innocence, the innocence of wonder. Rather we make it a question and let that question play with our mind and wedging the energy and love flow. Our mind is always full of fears, ordeals, hatred, and anxiety that we forget the core definition of selfless love. Stated in Nisha’s words (my very significant other) “DSN course is all about getting back to innocence”

I went with a big apprehension that this course will be just another act of hypocorism I have witnessed in many of such organizations. The guess of the intellect was that it is going to be another process of mind manipulation. I walked with very close mind thinking – so many organizations, one more organization and I literally didn’t give in so easily. Then came the most beautiful moment of my life - I saw people shedding egos and surrendering everything to each other. My buddy who was twofold of my age had no problem in crying in front of me and let his botherations go. The love around totally moved me.

The whole room was full of energy and I could see myself on a trance for emotional highs and downs. It felt as if I was holding on to something desecrate piece of emotion and I needed to give so much love to people around me. The whole world seemed to be a family – everyone knew just one language, everyone connected on just one language – the language of love, the language of belongingness.

Post DSN, the awareness of being close to divine and concept of surrender – I am nothing and I want nothing has become the mantra. I feel freedom, I feel secure, I feel alive, I feel loved and full of love, I feel satisfied and the most precious – I feel high on myself.

The faction has just started; the light which Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has ignited in our minds will not go waste – ENLIGHTMENT IS THE RIGHT OF EVERY CREATURE – WE WILL HELP EVERYONE GET IT – Jai Guru Dev.

Sandeep Singla,

Columbia, South Carolina

Thursday, April 24, 2008

DSN Experiences (continued)

"I know nothing. I will continue living life 100% every moment. Whatever are my problems, are surrendered to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar."

"Its amazing how Gurudev takes care of everybody. He simply knows everyone so fully – he knows what to give, how to give and where to give. THE COURSE IS JUST AN EXCUSE FOR GURUDEV TO SHOWER HIS BEAUTIFUL BLESSINGS. Its grace, grace, and grace only."

"It was awesome. I like Anandji than the course. He is so stylish. The way he says JHAKAAS was Amazing. The course made me rock solid.
Thanks Guruji His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar! I surrender to you!"

"By surrendering completely to Guruji His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar I was able to relieve a lot of stress. Jai Gurudev."

"My love for Guruji has increased like 1000 times. I can totally surrender now. I learned that everyone is divine. In this course itself I experienced 2 Guru experiences. Its amazing. I don’t believe if all this is a dream or true."

DSN Experiences

"When I was asked to surrender myself, I did not recognized my problems. All I gave or surrendered was black balls, which I thought that were problems. I got my answer for one of my problems in that I feel 100%.
Now my excitement is just by 1 problem if I feel 100%. What happens to me if all my problems are gone. I kow what I will be, I will be 1000 “ANAND RAJENDRAN!”s combined. I took the privilege to write his name because I am his colleague (co-worker)."

"Surrendering is the ultimate experience. It not only took away all botherations, it established a connection (high bandwidth) with the divine. Pure divine love was experienced by me."

"I feel as if my head has been in the ground and I am truly “seeing” for the first time."

"DSN course is “JHAKAAS”. The best gift I have given to myself."

"Anand ji. YOU ROCK!
I wish I could clone you and take you along to ALABAMA. My experience was JHAKAAS! Now nothing can stop me from doing anything I believe in. You have taught me to go JUST DO IT. May God bless you more, more and more. Lots of love!"

"My tape recorder is paused at the present moment!
I am the Michaelangelo of my life."

Some fantastic pictures from the three magical days!



Do you want to be a Master of your situation? Do you want to achieve your ultimate dream? Do you want to operate at 100% at all the time? Do you want to realize your potential? Do you Ladies and Gentlemen want to be ROCK SOLID?
The answer is Anandji – The MAN, The MACHINE, and The PHENOMENON.
Exuberance is in his name, a state of elated bliss. This man has undying energy; he is full of enthusiasm, killer techniques filled with animated actions. He moves mountains and has conquered hearts of many with his dynamic style.
I have seen many motivational speakers over the years, but not a style as unique as his. The enthusiasm, actions and feelings are so powerful that you actually visualize the picture right in front of your eyes. From making you move your hands to facially expressing your feelings he makes sure that the key point becomes your belief. And, he makes you repeat it with just as much enthusiasm until it is thoroughly imbibed in your system. Better believe it, if you get woken up in the middle of the night you might be found quoting punch lines from his talk.
You cry, you laugh, you shout, you scream, you jump, and you dance in his course called Divya Samaj Ka Nirman. Generally called DSN, eloquently referred by him as "Don't Say No". MY FELLOW ART OF LIVING FRIENDS IF YOU HAVE NOT EXPERIENCED THIS COURSE WITH ANANDJI, YOU ARE MISSING OUT BIG TIME!
Having read books from excellent authors like Stephen Covey, Keith Harrell, Norman Vincent Peale and many others, I automatically end up drawing parallel's. And, I find his course is a concentrated capsule filled with excellent knowledge points covering every aspect of life. Each point very beautifully crafted with lots of action and emotion. From forgiveness to devotion it covers it all. Life management at its best!!! All the key punch lines are jam packed in this 3 ½ days - anything and everything you need to live like a LION. Take this capsule and cleanse yourself out. Do this course and you do not have to worry about reading any books.
With his inspiration to go above and beyond "me, myself and I" Atlanta DSN was able to raise $157,000 for various service projects within 30 minutes. We are going to start four AOL Centers in different cities in the USA. Imagine the lives these funds will change, he is mover and shaker, creating a divine society every step of the way. Atlanta DSN had people from everywhere – Charlotte, Indianapolis had major presence. He builds his session hour by hour, he brings you to a certain platform, from which there is no turning back. He makes you Rock Solid, ready to take on anything in the world. You will be doing yourselves a favor by doing this course. You will be swept away by Anandji's magnetic personality, take this course and see the magic unfold. He is the man, the machine, and the phenomenon!!!
Jhakkas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bharti (ROCK SOLID) Pardasani, Charlotte

Ride the wave of energy!

We have long dreamt of having an Art of Living center in Atlanta. A place where everyone could come, sit back, breathe and experience the peace and calm... and leave feeling recharged, refreshed and rejuvenated. A place that would serve as a home for everyone in our city and other cities as well. A place that would radiate Guruji Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's knowledge and brilliant presence. A little oasis of divinity in our crazy lives.

At the Atlanta DSN, our dream turned into a tangible reality and now we are SO READY to take the next step! On this DSN, ALL fundraising records were shattered as MORE THAN $160,000 was raised in LESS THAN HALF AN HOUR. People opened their hearts and their wallets and gave generously. This is an unprecedented event at SO many levels. Our dream is now shared by SO MANY people and with Guruji's divine grace, there is no stopping this wave of energy that kicked off at this DSN! This money will be used to create 4 TEMPLES OF KNOWLEDGE here in the United States.

Come be a part of this mega project of bringing love and knowledge to everyone in this country!