Saturday, April 26, 2008

D S N – Dont Say No, Do Something Now

D S N – Don't Say No, Do Something Now

If you felt that there is more to live in life,
Yet you did not do what you wanted to do;
If you felt that you wish you could move mountains,
But you could not go beyond yourself at times;

If you wished you were cruising Life freely like a bird,
And be the best at your family and work;
If you could have the best of the best,
But struggling with what you have and with what you don't;

If you wish that you roared like a lion,
But you realize you lived it like a deer;
If you are to see that you can really have it all,
But one after another, it didn't really come to you;

What is that you need to awaken in you?
What is that your roar would awaken everyone around you?
What is that, that will make you get all in one at once!
That is Anandji and D S N!!!


- Naveen Koneru

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