Friday, April 25, 2008

DSN - a wheel of rebirth

Have you ever experienced an alternate trance by intoxicating aura of a drawing card, have you ever been baffled by a single act or a vision of one human being who is not a magician, physiologist, or a hypnotist. Sounds just another envisioned image or a beguiling tale – right but this is a man’s wit. I was ruthlessly enamored and I am beamed that destiny chose me to be the one. Exuberance is in his name, Anand – a state of elated bliss.

Yes I am talking about the man behind the renaissance of the wave of energy in me, which gave me a new life, a new personality, and a new set of values – none of it imposed but something I bracket together. How many of us do the following:

· Keep on thinking – why it happened?
· Keep the grudges till we die – we hate each other for no reason
· Try to find intentions behind actions
· Think that we are not capable of doing something we dream of

And the list goes on. I know the bell is ringing in everyone head, but trust me my friend – we all have lost the innocence, the innocence of wonder. Rather we make it a question and let that question play with our mind and wedging the energy and love flow. Our mind is always full of fears, ordeals, hatred, and anxiety that we forget the core definition of selfless love. Stated in Nisha’s words (my very significant other) “DSN course is all about getting back to innocence”

I went with a big apprehension that this course will be just another act of hypocorism I have witnessed in many of such organizations. The guess of the intellect was that it is going to be another process of mind manipulation. I walked with very close mind thinking – so many organizations, one more organization and I literally didn’t give in so easily. Then came the most beautiful moment of my life - I saw people shedding egos and surrendering everything to each other. My buddy who was twofold of my age had no problem in crying in front of me and let his botherations go. The love around totally moved me.

The whole room was full of energy and I could see myself on a trance for emotional highs and downs. It felt as if I was holding on to something desecrate piece of emotion and I needed to give so much love to people around me. The whole world seemed to be a family – everyone knew just one language, everyone connected on just one language – the language of love, the language of belongingness.

Post DSN, the awareness of being close to divine and concept of surrender – I am nothing and I want nothing has become the mantra. I feel freedom, I feel secure, I feel alive, I feel loved and full of love, I feel satisfied and the most precious – I feel high on myself.

The faction has just started; the light which Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has ignited in our minds will not go waste – ENLIGHTMENT IS THE RIGHT OF EVERY CREATURE – WE WILL HELP EVERYONE GET IT – Jai Guru Dev.

Sandeep Singla,

Columbia, South Carolina

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