Thursday, April 24, 2008

DSN Experiences

"When I was asked to surrender myself, I did not recognized my problems. All I gave or surrendered was black balls, which I thought that were problems. I got my answer for one of my problems in that I feel 100%.
Now my excitement is just by 1 problem if I feel 100%. What happens to me if all my problems are gone. I kow what I will be, I will be 1000 “ANAND RAJENDRAN!”s combined. I took the privilege to write his name because I am his colleague (co-worker)."

"Surrendering is the ultimate experience. It not only took away all botherations, it established a connection (high bandwidth) with the divine. Pure divine love was experienced by me."

"I feel as if my head has been in the ground and I am truly “seeing” for the first time."

"DSN course is “JHAKAAS”. The best gift I have given to myself."

"Anand ji. YOU ROCK!
I wish I could clone you and take you along to ALABAMA. My experience was JHAKAAS! Now nothing can stop me from doing anything I believe in. You have taught me to go JUST DO IT. May God bless you more, more and more. Lots of love!"

"My tape recorder is paused at the present moment!
I am the Michaelangelo of my life."

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