Friday, April 25, 2008

More mindblowing experiences!

"DSN- DAR SHOADO NA! & COME GET the JHAKAAS experience!!! Anandji is not a teacher!! He is a friend who will give you no choice but love him!! & His love for His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will make you want to experience everything he has! DEVOTION for you master opens up your path to the DIVINE!!!"

"At the very end when someone touched my feet, I felt an immensely divine connection through blessing the person. This has made me realize that my “EGO” was coming in between me and success. Today I am a HUMBLE person. I will do my work to be worthy of this life."

"Before coming to the course, I thought of myself as a confident individual. However, this was not concrete in my mind, since life has presented very few situations that challenged my confidence. Coming out of this course, I am 100% sure that my confidence is truly unshakable. Come whatever may, I am going to do it."

"The DSN course was and will continue to be such a liberating experience. It will break any misconception you have, false ideas. The ego and show you power of divinity, love, correctiveness, unity and bliss. No problem is big enough not to be reach by DSN! Anandji ROCKS!!! Jaigurudev Love you GMAN! (This is for His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar)"

"Every thing was JHAKAAS! But I found preferred joy in surrender. I told Guruji to show me a sign and within minutes he did. So all I have to do is surrender and the Divine will organize itself to manifest it."

"I did my first course in 2003 at IIT Kanpur. I hated it and doubted the integrity of the organization. My girl friend brought me back into Art Of Living in 2008, I came with a label that its just another hypocrite experience. I was wrong and I take a pledge next 2 months a new Art of Living centre in London. It’s a pledge , I believe in it and I will do it."

"My experience was mind blowing. I can out of my comfort zone. I can do anything.
Before DSN:I was thinking about organizing Art of Living Part I course.
After DSN:I AM organizing Art of Living Part 1 course."

"Power of surrender is amazing, is medicative meditation all in itself. Undying smile and the hands of the HIS HOLINESS SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR JI is all that’s needed to make this world a better place & seva. Guruji is doing his part and I have to do mine."

"I cannot believe how much is changed
So free
So light
So motivated
So loved
So blessed
So happy

"It has broken so many things inside and outside me and yet I am feeling liberated."

"Surrendering- my favourite Christian song is on a CD by Cece Winan 'Unto Jesus, I surrender all'. I love it so much, I played it at my wedding. I now really know what surrender means. I experience it in DSN."

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