Saturday, May 3, 2008

H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on world food shortage

Guruji was having His dinner last week in Taiwan and was carefully eating everything in His plate. He then told some of us sitting around - "We need to save every grain of food. There's a shortage of food worldwide." That evening, He personally made sure that every bit of food in the house was consumed by the volunteers and nothing was left over. He went around the house serving from each container of food to ensure that they were all empty! He was following up on His words with instant action!

We have all been reading articles in TIME and various other news media that the world food prices are shooting up because of food shortage. Let's do everything from our end to not waste any food!
  • Cook just enough so that no food needs to be thrown away
  • Preserve leftovers and eat them promptly in the next meal
  • Purchase bread and other grain items by carefully looking at the expiration date to make sure you can consume them before they spoil
  • At a restaurant, order only as much as you can consume. If you know that a restaurant serves more than you can eat, either ask them to reduce the quantity (and tell them you will still pay the same) or make sure you carry the remaining food home. Restaurants are the biggest source of food wastage!

Device your own ways to add to the list and encourage your friends to do the same! :-)

Love & Jai Gurudev,


Ram said...

Jai Gurudev,

Nice article and good initiative. Let us pass this information to all AOL groups and start following at our home.

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